On-Site vs In-House Shredding

On-Site Shredding Pro’s

  • Convenient shredding at your location
  • Professional, industrial-grade mobile shredding truck
  • Shreds large amounts of documents quickly
  • Includes official certificate of destruction

On-Site Shredding Con’s

  • Requires a good relationship and trust to have someone else handle your confidential information. We have over 25 years of business management experience and a lowest price guarantee. Allow us to show you our first-class customer service and secure disposal methods and we’re confident

In-House Shredding Pro’s

  • Convenient shredding at your location

In-House Shredding Con’s:

  • Office Shredder Purchase Cost & Maintenance
  • Slow, limited capacity shredders take considerable time
  • Manual shredders require employee assistance and hourly cost to have employee shred documents
  • Small office shredders don’t shred documents to the same high standards as our professional mobile shredding trucks.