Hard Drive & Digital Media Destruction

Digital media such as CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Drives and Hard Drives are often used to store sensitive information related to your business. However, most methods of wiping that information are ineffective or temporary solutions which retain a lot of the information on the media.

Imagine that you had a book full of sensitive information that you wanted to destroy, so you ripped off the cover of the book and removed the index or glossary from that book and left the contents. Obviously, the bulk amount of pages related to that book are still intact, but that is exactly how most traditional data wiping tools work. They remove the references to the information but the bulk amount of raw data still exists on the hard drive or disc.

That is why having a secure hard drive shredding service is extremely important to ensuring the safe and secure disposal of your digital information. Digital data shredding services like Cutters Document Destruction completely destroy the physical discs and chips which the data is stored on so it can never be accessed again.

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