Scheduled On-Site Shredding Services

Managing client data is an important part of your business—but it’s also a large bull’s eye for trial lawyers hungry for a lawsuit should you not follow the strict compliance policies in place for protecting customer information. One-time purging on-site document destruction is a convenient and secure way to dispose of information destroy confidential documents and protect your business.

How it Works

One-time purge paper shredding is the ideal solution if you want to ensure that your sensitive documents are safely destroyed by witnessing the paper shredding first hand. A state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck arrives at your location. Your sensitive documents and hard drives are loaded into a secure storage container where they are transported to the truck, where they are and securely shredded in front of you.

Once your documents are securely destroyed, you will be provided a certificate of destruction, which is a formal document that details when you had secure documents destroyed, which can help protect your business during a lawsuit or audit.


Professionals and organizations in the medical field also have great legal incentive to prevent confidential information from falling into unwanted hands. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) strictly regulates breaches of privacy, which it extends to the unauthorized release of such personal information such as name, address, and medical conditions.

Everyone from physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to hospital administrators can find themselves subject to both civil and criminal penalties for breaching patient security and privacy. Destroying patient information on your own can still place you at greater risk because it doesn’t leave a verifiable confirmation for proof of destruction.

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FACTA Compliance

Financial institutions must comply with FACTA, an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 that protects consumers against identity theft.

One important element of FACTA is that it requires creditors and financial institutions to take “reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to or use of consumer information” by employing proper disposal. This means that ensuring proper destruction and disposal of such information is required for companies to adhere to FACTA regulations.

Failure to comply with FACTA regulations can open you to class-actions lawsuits of up to $1,000 per individual violation. In addition, such a lawsuit could bring unfavorable media attention, a tarnished reputation, and lost business.

The One-Time Onsite Purge Shredding Advantage

As-needed on-site document destruction is ideal for small businesses or companies that have inconsistent shredding needs. Whether you need to clean up after the end of year, or bulk shred documents after tax season, on-site mobile shredding is a convenient and secure way to dispose of your sensitive documents, papers, digital media or hard drives.

We can cater to as little as a few boxes to as much as an entire office purge. With bulk discounts, a reminder-of-service call the day before, and the lowest price guaranteed, there’s no reason not to choose us.


Document destruction is vital in today’s legal climate. Obtaining a certificate of destruction helps protect you from regulation-related lawsuits, particularly if you’re in the financial and medical fields. One-time purging on-site document destruction is a convenient and secure way to destroy confidential documents.