As Needed Commercial Shredding

There comes a point in time when you must figure out what to do about the mountain of paperwork accumulating in your office. Office work produces a steady stream of documents that need somewhere to go, and this can create a paperwork monster that poses a risk to office operations. As new documents get processed, older documents tend to get pushed aside, buried under newer documents, or filed away and forgotten about. This encroaching paper crisis is threatening to overwhelm your office, but fear not, because a commercial shredding service can help save the day.

Free Up Office Space

Old documents that have outlived their usefulness to your company take up space that can be used for other things such as office equipment, or an office beverage station. Once you make a decision to dispose of old documents by having them shredded, the next step involves one or more days of document purging.  You’ll marvel at the amount of free space you have once old documents are removed. After the initial purge, it’s a good idea to set up a periodic document shredding schedule so there are no more worries about office paper clutter.

Re-organize Your Filing System

Have you been planning forever to re-organize your office filing system, but keep putting it off, because the task seems overwhelming? Shredding all of that unwanted paper frees up enough space in your filing cabinets so that you can re-organize everything to your liking. Say goodbye to desk clutter and never being able to find the documents you need, because they are lost under piles of paperwork.

Save Time by Outsourcing Tedious Shredding Duties

A big reason why offices turn to commercial shredding services is to hand off this tedious task to a third-party. Let’s face it. Shredding countless documents eats up quite a bit of staff time, because most offices use a small shredder capable of handling low volume shredding. That means some poor staff person is going to spend hours feeding a shredder, instead of doing something more productive. Thankfully, commercial shredding services are at your beck and call. A commercial shredding service comes to your location and shreds documents for you. Commercial shredding is easy, fast and convenient.

Avoid Identity Theft Problems

Identity theft is rampant, and your office trash is ripe for the picking when you don’t take care to properly dispose of sensitive information. It’s not unusual for businesses and organizations to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and identification of customers who trust you to keep this information safe. Unfortunately, that trust is broken when identity thieves get their hands on documents after you toss them in the trash.  Commercial shredding companies use powerful shredding equipment that thoroughly destroys private information. Professional shredding protects your company and your customers.

Support Environmental Sustainability

Commercial document shredding is more than just a way to destroy unwanted office documents. Using a commercial paper shredding service is a great way to recycle unwanted paper. Your office is acting in an environmentally responsible manner, and your old documents gain new life as recycled products.