Secure Shredding for Medical Records, Business Financials, Legal Documents & Educational Papers

We provide secure convenient on-site shredding services to businesses within dozens of industries, however certain industries require special attention to detail because they have certain standards and compliance policies which they need to comply to in order to not get fined. Below are some of the more popular industries we service:

  • Medical Record Shredding – All health care and medical professionals handle a lot of confidential personal information about their patients. It is vitally important to securely store and dispose of this information.
  • Business Information Shredding – Massive amounts of information is filtered through a business office, a lot of which is confidential and vital to the growth and success of a business. Safe and reliable professional shredding services are vital to protecting and disposing of this information.
  • Financial Information & Record Shredding – Accounting information and specifically financial companies hold some of the most valuable and most targeted personal information related to identity theft and it is extremely important that this information is handled and disposed of securely and effectively. Financial companies have lost gigantic lawsuits due to inefficient privacy standards when it comes to secure destruction of this confidential information.
  • Legal Document Shredding – A lot of legal documents and contracts divulge confidential information which needs to be handled very carefully. It is important that all legal documents are safely and securely disposed of using a professional shredding service.
  • Educational & Charity Document Shredding – Information about children and non-profit organizations is susceptible to being targeted and stolen by unscrupulous individuals. Protecting this confidential information by securely storing and disposing of it using our on-site shredding services is crucial to the longevity of the organization.