Medical records found near dumpster near Buffalo & WashingtonLas Vegas, NV (KTNV) — A Las Vegas woman got quite a surprise as she drove around looking for empty boxes to store her holiday decorations. She found some near a dumpster but they weren’t empty. To her surprise they were packed with medical records. So she emailed Action News wondering how they got there.

“This is crazy that somebody would just throw confidential personal information like this in the trash can,” said Jacquelyn Romero.

From credit cards applications to patient’s name, addresses and even social security numbers. All that information was just sitting next to a dumpster in a parking lot near Buffalo Drive and Washington Avenue. Jacquelyn knew it shouldn’t be there.

“I was astounded,” said Jacquelyn.

An identity theft victim herself, Jacquelyn put the boxes in her trunk and emailed Action News to find out what to do next.

“I just thought it was really important that Channel 13 know that there are businesses out there that are unscrupulous enough to just totally blatantly disregard people’s private confidential information and leave them wide open for criminal activity,” said Jacquelyn.

There were several doctor’s names in the paperwork. One of them is Dr. Robert Troell. Action News called him to let him know what Jacquelyn found.

“I was not surprised to hear that the medical records were placed in dumpsters,” said Jacquelyn.

Dr. Troell says he used to work at Pure Med Spa, one of the companies whose name was listed on the documents in the boxes. He says he quit about three years ago.

“In the state of Nevada there is a guideline that you have to keep records for five years and you have to get rid of them in a ethical, confidential format,” said Dr. Troell.

Pure Med Spa’s website shows they had a location at the Galleria at Sunset, but the phone number is disconnected.

Action News learned from calling their office in Toronto that there aren’t any Pure Med Spas still open in the United States.

Another business among the paperwork, Brite Smile Brite Skin, also didn’t have a working number. Their address shows they were once at the Fashion Show Mall but officials there couldn’t confirm if they were ever a tenant.

So the question remains where did the records come from?

Jacquelyn just wants to do the right thing.

“If I had to take it to Opportunity Village to be shredded and pay for it myself I would do it,” said Jacquelyn.

But she didn’t have to. We put her in touch with the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. Days after she called them, Jacquelyn says investigators came out and picked up the boxes.

“All I can say is every one of these people can be thankful that I found their things because it’s not going to go any further,” said Jacquelyn.

The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners could only really tell us that they’re now looking into this. We’re going to keep in touch with them and see what comes out of their investigation.