Commercial Paper Shredding Benefits

Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year. Credit card information, bank statements, and social security numbers are all bits of information that can be used to steal an identity. The threat of identity theft has risen so high that businesses now have a legal obligation to shred all incriminating documents that may put their customers at risk. Personal shredding machines can be found in nearly every office supply store, but outsourcing shredding services to professional companies benefits businesses legally, environmentally, and conveniently.

Identity theft is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes. Businesses have a responsibility to their customers to keep their personal information safe and secure, as well as the need to protect the business itself. Legally, if paperwork ends up in the dumpster, it is fair game to every dumpster diver in the area. Even if businesses choose to retire paper filing systems and incorporate electronic information storage, they are still at risk of a security breach. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly common and destroying electronic data has become as important as shredding physical paperwork. Electronic data destruction involves storing information in specially designed hard drive containers and securely destroying them. The only way for businesses to protect themselves and their customers from both physical and electronic threats is to invest in professional shredding services.

Along with properly destroying documents, professional shredding services also reduce a business’s environmental impact. Recycling is a key component to all professional shredding companies. The residual products left behind after shredding have the capability of being recycled into new materials. Paper will stay out of landfills and the number of trees needed to sustain the stationary needs of a country will be reduced.

Many businesses may already participate in recycling programs, but the convenience of professional shredding services cannot be beat. When hiring document destroyers there are two options: off-site or on-site. With off-site services, companies will shred the documents at their secure location. Many times they will provide video monitoring and/or certificates of destruction to ensure legal security. On-site shredding, also referred to as mobile shredders, is when the company brings their services directly to their clients. A truck specifically designed for shredding documents comes to the business and shreds all paper right in the parking lot. Both on-site shredding and mobile shredders eliminate the noise and paper dust that accompany personal shredders and bypass extra expenses like maintenance fees and paying an employee whose time could be spent elsewhere.

Professional document destroying services are the best option when it comes to protecting the identities of customers and safeguarding a business’s security. Identity theft is on the rise and whether the security breach is physical or electronic, document destruction companies are a viable solution to these problems. Businesses that advertise their use of these services also attract more customers with the confidence that their personal information will be handled properly. Professional shredding companies destroy information securely, responsibly, and conveniently. Choosing to outsource this task protects the identities of customers and the integrity of businesses.