Scheduled On Site Shredding

Our onsite shredding process begins by developing a custom tailored shredding program for your business which matches your shredding demands. Whether you need a one-time or scheduled shredding service, we will drop off secure locked storage containers for your business to securely store sensitive information in until we arrive to dispose of it.

When you schedule an onsite document disposal we show up in one of our top of the line mobile shredding trucks. We transfer your sensitive information from your office to our mobile shredding truck using secure locked storage containers to prevent lost or stolen information from getting out. When the secure document bins arrive at the mobile shredding truck we unlock the truck and the container and load the bin into the automated disposal area.

The mobile shredder has an automated state-of-the-art document destruction bin with embedded cameras so that you can watch and confirm that your sensitive information is destroyed. Once the shredding process is completed you will be provided with a document of destruction to confirm the date and time the disposal was completed.

Finally, you can always adjust or re-assess your shredding program. If your secure document disposal bins are filling up before your regularly scheduled service times we can either provide you with more containers or increase the frequency of your service.

Contact us today to schedule your mobile on-site document disposal.