Our Mobile Shredding Trucks

Meet the TruckOur state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks are the perfect solution for providing convenient on-site document destruction with safe & secure professional level shredding services. Each truck is equipped with industrial grade pierce-and-tear shredders which use multiple rotating blades that pierce the material being shredded and then rips the material in pieces. The pierce-and-tear shredders results in a random shred which is more secure than traditional paper cutters.

Each shredder contains rotary grinders with hydraulic rams that provides a very efficient high-torque destruction method which can even handle the shredding of dense objects like hard disk drives.

Our mobile shredding trucks are also equipped with security cameras so you can watch and confirm the destruction of your sensitive documents. Each Cutters Document Destruction service will also be finalized with a certificate of destruction to verify the date and time our mobile shredding truck disposed of your documents.